You can feel it.

Your beliefs are changing. You see things differently now and it's confusing.

The world outside of you is shifting in it's very foundation. 

You're afraid you may have to toss the baby (Jesus) out with the bath water.

You are leaving one version of yourself behind and have literally no idea what version of yourself is coming forward. 


Maybe you are trying to keep circumstances, people, your identity the same as you have known them to be.

And it's not working.

Does this feel like you? 

I get it.

I have come thru just such a journey.

I have dedicated my life to being of service to others on the road.

You are enough 

Truly knowing you are enough within yourself,

unclenching from an identity of who you are not,

making decisions as your truest Self,  

authentic healthy connections with others,

THIS is the stuff I can help with. 


I offer guidance and tools that may be of support as you take your own journey from one way of understanding yourSelf to the next. 

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Wisdom Seeking Video

Below is the most current video.

To see other messages, go to the VIDEOS page above. 

The wisdom is seeking you!

If you have a feeling we should work together in a one-on-one capacity I invite you to reach out.  Below is my session information.



Ways we can connect one-on-one

All humans of every expression are invited and welcome * All 1 hour sessions $111 * I am always open to barter 

Wisdom seeking sessions - 1 hour

Sometimes another pair of eyes on a situation or inner experience helps us bring forward our own deeper wisdom. Either in person or online, we can sit together and seek wisdom on your behalf. I bring my psychic gifts and experience to help you see things in a new way.  

Tarot reading - 1 hour

To me tarot is like bringing a third active participant to the conversation. Sometimes we skirt around a thing in our life that we actually deeply need to know. The tarot is a fantastic way of giving Spirit a chance to speak up in an unmistakable and grounding way. 

Human Design Wisdom - 1 hour

Human Design is a system of self knowledge that shows us a visual map of who you came here to be - and who you are not, which is actually quite helpful intel. Once a person learns strategies for how to be their truest self, they feel free and off of all the hooks telling them they ought to be different. The changes in my life as a result of living as mySelf are innumerable. Since '06 I have been experimenting with this wisdom and I am grateful to be to a place where I can help others.   

Your Personal Hand-Picked Small Group Intensive Study - 2 hours

This is a really fun way to work. It's a four week intensive of the topic of your choosing. You Gather the friends you want to have in your group and we can dive deep into your specific interest. I can come to you or we can meet in my space. 4-8 people works best. 

 Some areas we can look into include

Developing intuition


Human Design deeper dive

Creating with Power - (some call this manifesting) 

...the possibilities are vast, contact me for details and pricing. 

Contact Kimberly for pricing

Group Classes

I teach group classes on various topics. 

For information on upcoming classes please visit the Classes page. 



Elixirs Balms and Blessing Tools

Over the years I have been guided to create different tools for healing and blessing. As they come forward I will post them here and make them available for purchase. All are limited edition as I work in small batches with the cycles of the Earth and moon. 

To order email

I accept venmo, paypal, & credit card

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Sonic Photonic Elixir $11

Pink sand from Angel Falls, Black Kyanite, Celestite, Selenite, Rose quartz, Quartz crystal cluster, Crystal point * Mount Roraima, Venezuela, Dragonfly medicine in a base of east nashville honey & apple cider vinegar

* * * 

This elixir has a two fold benefit. 

1. It offers support when you are seeking inspiration, wisdom, creative ideas or solutions. It helps when you need to see things in a new way, or when you have reached what feels like an impasse or limitation. This could be physical, emotional, relational or spiritual. Think of it as the seed and the water. It’s the idea and the capacity to nurture it to it’s fulfillment. 

2. It is a gem elixir using stones that come from all over the world. The intention here is that as we benefit from the solutions that come forward for us as a result of using these stones, we are offering back to Pachamama (Mother Earth) love, healing and creative solutions for Her wellbeing in order that she can thrive and so we might extend our stay with her. Think of it as a rainbow of light and wellbeing that emerges from you and ends right to the spot on the earth where the stones were each born. 


How to use it: 

Take a few drops in a drink or under your tongue. (It’s tangy - just a heads-up so you can get your head around it) 

Use it any time you feel you need support in the form of 

inspiration energy wisdom a second wind comfort, easier contact with your higher wisdom


1 minute intention suggestion

Wen you take it be sure of your intention and speak inwardly or out loud what you are specifically asking for. 

For example, if you are seeking a creative idea or solution, you could say something like this


“I am asking for an idea to present itself.  When it comes I will recognize it because it will have a certain sparkle or charge to it. I will take action to water the seed by taking an action step toward the fulfillment of my creative inspiration. I offer gratitude and healing support to Mother Earth. May my good be her good” 

Then move on and let it germinate. Don’t think about it anymore or focus on it. Trust that the seed is planted in the soil of your consciousness and will emerge from the soil in it’s own time. Follow white rabbits of inspiration and trust that you will be guided by your joy toward what is good for you and what you have asked for.

Regarding the idea of “Asking”.  Everyone has a different idea and concept of the Divine. I invite you to ask from a place of knowing the answer is completely available to you from what ever your understanding is of Source or God or Spirit. 

For me I am asking a higher wiser aspect of mySelf. I and the light are one. You and your source are One. You have full and generous access to your highest and best good. 



“May you be blessed with the light of your highest good as you call forward new ideas, concepts and solutions. May you recognize your inner light and your capacity to integrate a new way of understanding yourself and the strength you carry. May you be guided by joy into your greatest pleasure.”


Blessings on your head! Mwah!




Blessing Balm $22

White sage, Sweet Grass, Lavender in a base of Sweet almond oil, Bees wax

* * *

The plant medicine in this balm contains real tangible support. 

-White sage is a natural anti-bacterial. It helps on the physical level and energetically. It is useful for helping you release what does not serve. It clears all kinds of things physically and energetically. 

-Sweet grass is of support in helping you bring in and assimilate your most nourishing experience. It’s about supporting you with letting in your own good. 

-Lavender is a natural soothing comfort. It feels like love and well being. It has countless other benefits.


This combination is gentle and strong in it’s support. 

I invite you to use this in any way that brings you joy. 

First and foremost it is intended for self blessing and support.


For self blessing:

Use this to bless yourself every day. 

Take one minute in your morning before you get out of bed.

Rub it on your heart and hold the thought of what kind of day you most want to have. Picture your day unfolding flawlessly and hold your hand on your heart with this balm for at least 17 seconds. Just long enough to get your thoughts and mind heading in a good direction.


For blessing others:

Anoint your partner before a big deadline.

Bless a friend in need of comfort. 

Bless your children before you send them off to their day. 

If you need an idea, put it on your third eye. 

If you need pain relief, put it where it hurts. 

Make it up! 

You can not get it wrong.


Here’s the trick: 

When working alone or with another, hold the vision of the desired outcome in your mind and invite the other to do the same. Say out loud what you want - be it pain relief or comfort or happiness.- and imagine how the having of it feels in your body. Just see it in you mind until you feel a little flutter of connection to the feeling that it will create. Imagine the relief or the joy or the ease of flow. Thats all. 

Just do it with meaning and hold the good feeling for at least 17 seconds. This has to do with our endocrine system. It releases good feeling hormones and you force your body’s inner power system to come on line with the desire you are intending. We are creating a chemical chain reaction using intention and a physical act in the material world to anchor this for us. 


This is a tool. It helps you do something in an easier way. YOU are the one creating and sustaining your own good. 


So, rub it where you need it and be clear about what you intend. This is powerful This balm has been hand made for you by Kimberly Clo


“May you be blessed with the knowing that you are supported by all of heaven and earth in your  deepest desires. May it strengthen your courage to become the next best version of yourself.  

May you find your highest experience of happiness and joy in your relationships, your work and  creative expression, in your finances, in your health and in your spiritual maturation into realizing your best Self.”  


Blessings on your head! Mwah!





Anointing Balm $33

essential oils of Spikenard, Frankincense & Rose,  in a base of sweet almond oil, bees wax

* * *

These precious oils are ancient tools of assisting in seeking higher wisdom, knowing ones own divinity and carries wisdom of unconditional love. 

  • Spikenard is an ancient healing oil. It brings deep sense of uplifting peace and solid grounding. It was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Jesus, and it was found in the tomb of King Tut along with frankincense. It has a rich history of service to ones spiritual work. In practical terms, it helps and supports through difficult transitions, it brings deep deep calm and peace. An excellent support and uplifter. 
  • Frankincense offers heightened spiritual awareness and enhances intuition and clairvoyance. It is also deeply healing in so many physical ways, there is not enough room here to list them all. In this blend, Frankincense works to integrate the upper world of Rose and the grounded earthy peace of Spikenard. 
  • Rose oil is the most precious of essential oils. It has such a strong capacity to attune us to a more expanded version of our Selves. It works with out hearts and very quickly brings us to a state of elevated healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual Self. It is of service to the mind and heart. If unconditional love has a smell…it’s rose.


Many of us are experiencing big big shifts in our lives in our spiritual, emotional, physical lives and also in our relationships. This anointing oil is poured with the strong intention to be of practical support for integrating these big changes in perception and consciousness.  It helps balance the inner masculine and feminine polarity within each of us, helping us experience ourselves as whole. 


How to use it:

This balm is intended to be of support for your personal meditation and spiritual practice. It is also intended for ritual work, rites of passage and ceremonies. 


It can be used on the third eye (between the eyebrows) when seeking wisdom, 

on the heart for emotional healing, 

on top of the head for aligning with purpose, 

on the bottoms of the feet to help ground and help new energies take root

Be creative in your use of it. There is no wrong way. In order to gain the greatest benefit, be clear of your intention as you use it. 




“May you know that you are supported by all of heaven and earth as you move consciously toward your own highest good. May you find an inner balance and may it express as ease, strength, wisdom and joy in your life. May the deepest longings within you find fulfillment in the most wonderful way.”


Blessings on your head! Mwah!